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Classroom (in Delaware) and Virtual (anywhere) Visits

For Allies for Justice, I would be delighted to share the history of Delaware’s role in the Brown v. Bd of Education case, discuss the writing process, answer questions, etc.

For Blue’s River, my illustrator and good friend, Marsha Holler, can sometimes join me on visits to libraries and classrooms. We can provide tips on the creative writing (and illustrating) process, share interesting facts about Delaware history and watersheds, and even conduct a lesson on how to draw a Great Blue Heron.

Presentations can be tailored around the individual teacher or librarian’s needs. Please reach out to me by using the information on the Contact page.

$100 for a virtual visit, $200 for one in-person classroom visit, $500 for a full day of classroom visits.

Ordering books: If you wish to order five or more copies of any single title, please contact me through my “Contact” page as I can offer copies at a much reduced price – along with free shipping. The only catch is that delivery can take up to two weeks, depending upon the quantity ordered.

Kathy Doyle (back left), Marsha Holler (back right) and Evie Chiu at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Artwork by Priya Shajwani

(Free) Teacher’s Guide for Allies for Justice – The study guide provides pre-reading questions, vocabulary, comprehension questions and enrichment activities. Allies for Justice is written for middle and high school students, and is appropriate for inclusion in U.S. History, Civics, Language Arts, and Law classes.

(Free) Teacher’s Guide For Blues RiverThe teacher’s guide provides activities and questions that are relevant to the elementary school science, social studies, STEM, ELA, and art curricula. Blue’s River is written for an audience of all ages, but especially for grades 3 through 6. I would love to hear which activities you liked best. I’ve included page one below as an example. Pages that follow include questions for each chapter.

Additional Teaching Resources

Shop TeachersPayTeachers for lessons created by teachers for teachers. My shop includes lessons about Elections, Climate Change, World Religions, Debates Made Easy, Designing a Curriculum, Famous Civil Rights Leaders, Using Songs and Other Primary Sources, The Effects of Blank on the Brain (Psychology), and more.

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