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Priya Shajwani, Grade 3

Shop Teachers Pay Teachers for lessons and activities I created for a variety of topics: Elections, World Religions, Debates Made Easy, Civil Rights, Using Songs and Other Primary Sources, The Effects of Blank on the Brain, and more.

Virtual and In-Person Classroom Visits can be arranged by contacting me through the contact page.

(Free) Teacher’s Guide for Allies for Justice – The study guide provides pre-reading questions, vocabulary, comprehension questions and enrichment activities. Allies for Justice is written for middle and high school students, and is appropriate for inclusion in U.S. History, Civics, Language Arts, and Law classes.

(Free) Teacher’s Guide For Blues RiverThe teacher’s guide provides activities and questions that are relevant to the elementary school science, social studies, STEM, ELA, and art curricula. Blue’s River is written for an audience of all ages, but especially for grades 3 through 6. I would love to hear which activities you liked best. I’ve included page one below as an example. Pages that follow include questions for each chapter.

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