Kathleen Marie Doyle is a writer and award-winning teacher committed to education, the environment, and democracy.

Kathleen has been teaching teachers and teenagers in Delaware for over 30 years. She earned her Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Social Studies at Brown University where she studied with renowned education reformer Theodore Sizer. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Thought and Political Economy at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where she grew to love history (her least favorite subject in high school), and where her interest in social and environmental justice was nurtured. She is also a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature.

She began her environmental activism in the fifth grade when she wrote a letter to her hometown newspaper asking people to stop polluting the local pond and stream. 

Her book, Blue’s River, began to germinate the day her children learned that, due to pollution, there would be no more swimming at their local lake.

Allies for Justice developed from lessons Kathleen created for her high school students about the role that Delaware played in the Brown v. Board of Education case.

She wrote Finding Pop Pop for her children many years ago after both of their grandfathers, one grandmother and an uncle died within three years of each other. Years later, during the Covid pandemic, she decided to share Finding Pop Pop with others.

She has also published in Social Education, a magazine for social studies teachers.

Like Andie in Blue’s River, Kathleen used to be terrified of public speaking. Also like Andie, she overcame her fear, and now spends a lot of time speaking in front of people. She also sings, plays the piano, guitar, and ukulele. 

Kathleen lives with her husband in Dover, Delaware, where they are empty nesters with a big fluffy dog. Their daughter is a social worker in Washington, D.C. and their son is an actor in New York City.

Photo by K. Doyle

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