Celtic Harvest is Dover’s own Irish Traditional Music band. Originally hailing from Chicago, Boston, Oklahoma and Virginia, these musicians perform traditional and original music. Members include Bob Frazier (guitar and voice), Kathy Doyle (piano, ukulele, and voice), Jan Crumpley (flutes, whistles and concertina), Jim McGiffin (banjo, bass and voice), and Mike Nielsen (bouzouki, harp, and voice). Celtic Harvest creates a fun time for the audience and the band every time they play. Slainte!

Sweet Dreams

by Kathy Doyle and Friends

A collection of 14 beloved lullabies, sung by a voice described as “enchanting” and accompanied by delightful instrumentals and sublime harmonies.

The Fire or the Fall

by Celtic Harvest

Celtic Harvest is the essence of a night in a cozy pub in the far reaches of Ireland, Scotland, Newfoundland and Cape Breton, or wherever the four winds have blown the tunes and songs of those fearsome islands.

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